We Comprise a Consortium of Senior Content Talent

Led By

Adrienne Matt, a veteran of content strategy for Fortune 500 companies

Our Niche

We enable enterprise companies to leverage their content to solve business problems. 

We see patterns in words and data to reveal next steps and business insight. We codify systems, create guidelines and manage  business rules for content and digital experiences.

Our Approach

We're not interested in giving you everything we offer – only what you need. We scale scope based on your budget.

We do multi-language, multi-cultural, omni-channel, gnarly projects with alacrity and ease.

Why Us?

Our people have an average of 12 years of experience working for advertising agencies, consulting firms, software vendors, content producers and clients like you.

What We Do


Content Strategy

Provides for the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content, enabling meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content across channels, platforms and experiences.

Content Development / Curation / Publishing

  • Provides editorial services that include writing, editing and curating existing or new content.  
  • Delivers a strategy and workflow for produced content as well as user-generated content.  
  • Provides a framework for publishing content across channels, platforms and users.

Content Governance

Sets guardrails, permissions and business rules for content expiration, curation and workflow.

Content Production Consulting

Enables clients to review, demo and select a content developer regardless of content format:

  • Short format (tweets, blogs)
  • Long format (case studies, white papers) 
  • Video (live, in-studio)
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Amazon Alexa / Google Home

Vendor Selection / Implementation / Training / Management

  • Enables clients to review, demo and select a content software vendor (CMS, CCMS, WCM, DAM or ECM).
  • Provides the stand-up then installation of content software.
  • Provides adequate training for staff and management to make the best use of their software.
  • Enables clients to focus on their core competency and outsource management.

Our Agency Experience


Your content problems are costing you. Let's fix that.

Intrepid Content

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